Terracotta sculptures in demand

Terracotta is a clay-based type of earthenware with several finishes possible. Sculpturing with terracotta is simpler, quicker and has lower material costs in comparison with bronze or silver. Besides that, the artist can knead and sculpt much more freely by using his fingers or a wide arrange of knives. Tiny details can easily be created in terracotta with a much more realistic effect.

This is a glazed terracotta abstract sculpture made by Richard Dandoy circa 1970.

Richard Dandoy, designer and ceramist, presented a solution to the ambivalence of things in his works. His vision suggests a perfectly balanced feeling, made with bursting elements and relaxing flows. Everything about his work is action and interaction, with monitored dynamism of lines. A great artist whose work deserves a prominent place in contemporary Belgian art.

Dandoy was born in 1920 and studied at the Academy of Liège and was known as a draftsman and ceramist. His work can still be found at Musée d’Art Spontané in Bruxelles, Belgium. Other work was featured in ‘Fantasmagie’ magazine released in March 1960.