‘A noblewoman with flower basket’, oil on canvas

‘A noblewoman with flower basket’, oil on canvas

French school, 17th century





A large eye catching 17th century French school oil on canvas.

This portrait of a noblewoman, wearing clothing and accessories that display her wealth and status, exemplifies the proud desire to eternalize the private effigy of the French aristocracy. This portrait shows a haughty noblewoman, elegant in both expression and dress. An ocherous cape, hanging loose over the left shoulder, is wrapped half around her upper body. Four rows of pearls in her hair and her dress is enhanced with a thick leather strap decorated with dozens of pearls and a large eye-catching brooch in the middle.

Her right hand gives a calm yet elegant look to her entire posture by gently resting her index finger on the edge of the flower basket. The flowers, freshly picked, give this painting an extra colorful dimension. The static gold-plated frame adds even more power to the overall look.

The care taken in the rendering of the fabrics, the elegant and flattering manner of execution, and the softness of the model’s expression make this portrait a true eye-catcher.


French school, Dutch school, Italian school and so much more. The word ‘school’ is used with various meanings and often to describe a certain type of painting style.

In its narrowest sense, the word ‘school’ can denote a group of painters who worked under de influence of another artist. A great example is the ‘school of Leonardo da Vinci’ were a large group of artists worked in the studio of, or under the influence of, Leonardo da Vinci. They are also known as ‘The Leonardeschi’.

In its widest sense, the word ‘school’ can denote a whole country of painters and describe a typical style which reflects the painters of that country. An example is ‘Italian school’ or ‘French school’. In another sense, the word ‘school’ can also denote a certain region of a country. The ‘Venetian school’ applies to painters who worked under local influence or with general similarities in color or technique. Famous examples of ‘Venetian school’ artists are Lazzaro Bastiani (1430-1512), Giovanni Bellini (1430 – 1516) and Giulio Campi (1500-1572).


‘A noblewoman with flower basket’, oil on canvas




Additional information





Sold with frame

This work of art is sold including it's frame

Dimensions including frame

120 x 140 centimeters

Dimensions excluding frame

100 x 120 centimeters

Frame condition

Traces and signs of aging and wear and tear visible. The frame is not original and was custom made for this work of art at a later time.


Oil on canvas


French school


‘A noblewoman with flower basket’






17th century




Considering its age the canvas is in good condition. Several restorations have been carried out over time. These are barely visible and do not cause the canvas to lose its splendor.


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