A various collection of six 19th century copper candlesticks

A various collection of six 19th century copper candlesticks

Belgium, Germany & The United Kingdom



A various collection of six stunning late 19th century copper candlesticks, made in Belgium, The UK and Germany.

In order as seen in the pictures:
1: Made in the UK, 502 grams, marked with ‘LG’, 23x8x8 centimeters.
2: Made in Germany, 435 grams, marked with ‘WMF’, 23.5x11x10.5 centimeters.
3: Made in Belgium, 375 grams, 24x8x8 centimeters.
4: Made in Belgium, 304 grams, 22x9x9 centimeters.
5: Made in Belgium, 238 grams, 19x9x9 centimeters.
6: Made in Belgium, 267 grams, 18x8x8 centimeters.

The difference between brass and copper candlesticks.

In search for the perfect candlesticks, it is crucial to know what material the candlesticks are made of. It’s not just about appearance, but also quality. For example, there is a big difference in the color of copper and brass candlesticks. Copper candlesticks are redder in color, while brass candlesticks tend more towards gold.

Color is not the only difference between copper and brass candlesticks. Copper is a base metal while brass is not. Brass is an alloy, a mix of copper and zinc. A mix made by man, while copper is pure nature.

Copper is a very soft metal that is quite malleable and bendable. It was and still is used in many different applications. As soon as copper is exposed to the elements, it will quickly corrode, creating a natural patina. The shiny copper disappears under a dull, often blackish patina. In contrast to copper, brass is a lot sturdier. It has a yellow gold like glow that makes it look like a luxury product. Brass candlesticks can therefore be a lot more durable because they are a lot stronger and can withstand a fall better than copper.

A various collection of six 19th century copper candlesticks


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English, Flemish, German




United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium


19th century


Due to prolonged exposure to the elements, signs of aging are clearly visible. However, this contributes to a unique and characteristic presentation of the candlesticks.


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