Taaffeite Collectibles was officially founded in 2019, aiming to specialize in rare arts, antiques and collectibles. Although there are several organizations focusing on those items already, we as Taaffeite Collectibles want to achieve the highest quality possible and provide you with all the information there is to tell about your next unique item.

Although Taaffeite collectibles was officially founded in 2019, we were already active on auctions, antique markets and fairs around 2015. In the years between 2015 and 2019, we worked hard to build up our contact circle, clientele and our expertise. In these years our specialty was antique silver. after many sales, we noticed a change in our interests and Taaffeite Collectibles started to broaden more and more into other categories. In 2021, we as Taaffeite Collectibles, we completely shifted our focus towards fine arts and sculptures.

Fine arts and sculptures remain our main categories. We are continuously expanding our expertise within these categories. In this way we are now also acquiring more and more knowledge and expertise in the world of contemporary and modern art. Our goal is to continue to grow in the coming years and eventually become the largest in Europe with a specialty in fine arts and sculptures.

When buying a unique item at Taaffeite Collectibles, we will try to provide you with the maker of the item, the period when it was made, the country or city it was made in and the story behind it. All items are hand-picked and selected by the owner of Taaffeite Collectibles, who is travelling all around the world to search for exclusive and rare arts, antiques and collectibles.

Although the basis of Taaffeite Collectibles is located in The Netherlands, we are focusing on worldwide reachability and providing all services necessary to deliver our unique items all around the world.