Founded in 2019, Taaffeite Collectibles specializes in rare arts, antiques, and collectibles. Despite the existence of many similar organizations, our mission is to achieve exceptional quality and provide detailed information about each distinctive item we offer.

Our active involvement in auctions, antique markets, and fairs began as early as 2015. During the years leading up to our official establishment, we focused on building a robust network, clientele, and expertise, initially concentrating on antique silver. Over time, our interests evolved, prompting us to expand into various categories. By 2021, we shifted our primary emphasis to fine arts and sculptures. Continuing to enhance our knowledge in these areas, we are particularly expanding our expertise in contemporary and modern art, aiming to become the leading authority in fine arts and sculptures across Europe.

Since 2024, Taaffeite Collectibles has refined its focus exclusively to fine arts, specifically paintings from the 20th, 19th, 18th centuries, and earlier. This specialized approach allows us to deepen our expertise and offer an exceptional collection of historically significant artworks.

When purchasing from Taaffeite Collectibles, we provide comprehensive details about the artist, the period of creation, the origin of the item, and its backstory. Each piece is meticulously selected by our owner, who travels worldwide to acquire the most exclusive and sought-after pieces.

Though Taaffeite Collectibles is based in the Netherlands, our reach is global. We are dedicated to providing all necessary services to deliver our unique items to collectors around the world.